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Scam Alert: Airdrop Campaign

Recently we noticed a scam campaign to lure user to handover Ethereum private key wallet by clicking on the links purportedly from OmiseGo airdrop. This is nothing new as this method has been actively used during ICO craze before, by plastering scam link into slack channel to get into victim, but now they are shifting into twitter and email to reach new victim.

OmiseGO airdrop scam


On the scam page below, they ask victim to enter private key for so-called “verification”. Once enter, kapoof! All ETH gone to the scammer’s address. Please be alert do not easily hand over your private key because that’s the last key to accept all your money.

Fake Ethereum Airdrop
Fake OmiseGo Airdrop site


We advise user to install MetaMask plugin on your Chrome browser to get notify if you are accidentally landed on a phishing site.

Metamask auto block the phishing site
MetaMask auto block the phishing site


Avoid untrusted email from unknown source. Protect your coin, Stay safe.

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